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Back in l982 after our daughter Inger (above)had a bad experience with a stray dog, the decision was made to purchase a puppy to restore her confidence. After much research, we decided the Miniature Schnauzer was the breed we had been looking for. We then thought it would be fun to show a Mini together, so the search was on for a show dog. That came along with Fernlands Solitaire, courtesy of Audrey Ralph, who gave us much advice, friendship and help all along the way.  "Solo" was a valued member of the family, and although she didn't quite make it to Champion status,we learnt so much with her in the early days. 



Diane Liley "DYRIC" (left)offered me a puppy bitch to show, and from there Diane became my mentor and has been a wonderful friend for over 30 years!   "Zoe" Dyric Alyenik was made up quickly, and became the foundation bitch for Niedleich Miniature Schnauzers Est l986.  Who would have thought, that the decision to obtain a Miniature Schnauzer way back then, would have changed my life and given me the opportunity to love and nurture this breed, along the way placing many puppies in loving homes, showing, mentoring and helping others with foundation bitches and dogs to enhance their breeding ideals.  Its been an honour and a pleasure to be involved with this breed, and I will do everything to protect the integrity of the Miniature Schnauzer for the next generation.  I owe this breed that and much much more.


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Marie Edwards
Echuca, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0429 006 409 or 54 822007
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